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Position: Game and Level Designer

"Erick demonstrates an excellent combination of creativity and technical expertise. During his time at Playteau he worked on several different projects in a variety of capacities - from level design to design documentation to game testing - and his work was invaluable in each.

Erick is an easygoing, innovative guy who took direction well when it was given and blazed ahead effortlessly when it was not. His work is well balanced between technical feasibility and creative innovation, and it is always presented clearly and unencumbered by ego, making him an excellent collaborator and team player.

Erick is a pleasure to work with, and I'd love the opportunity to work with him again - we'll miss him now that his contract is up, but he will be a huge asset to any game company that hires him on."

March 7, 2011
Ethan Pasternack, Game Designer, Playteau, Inc.
managed Erick F. indirectly at Playteau, Inc
Position: Test Associate

"Erick is an amazing QA Engineer as well as an awesome co-worker to work with. I worked next to and sometimes with Erick on Halo Reach. We worked some crazy hours together, Erick always took this in stride. He was always in a good mood and always eager to learn (even at 11pm at night.)

I would be very happy to work with, over or under Erick again. Erick is a pleasure to work with and any team is lucky to have him. I wish Erick all the best and I hope he gets snatched up by an awesome company with the vision to see that Erick will grow into an amazing asset"

August 21, 2011
Andy Howell, QA Consultant, Bungie (Comsys)
worked with Erick F. at Bungie
Position: Game Design Intern

"Erick is a motivated and talented game designer with a fantastic work ethic and excellent communication skills. Erick is bright and a quick study. He has a broad background in, and understanding of, common design patterns and he picks up new ones quickly. He is always ready to jump into a new task with energy and enthusiasm.

Erick has excellent writing skills. He wrote and revised several game specifications while interning for us at Flying Lab Software, including both self contained mini-games and integrated systems documents. He completed these tasks on time and with exceptional quality.

Erick was a fantastic game design intern for us, and I endorse him with neither hesitation nor reservation. I would recommend him for any entry level or intermediate design position. It is unfortunate that Flying Lab did not have a position to offer him internally; I would have liked to add him to my team permanently."

July 4, 2009
Drew Clowery, Lead Game Designer, Flying Lab Software
managed Erick F. at Flying Lab Software

Game Design Sample Compilation


Game Design Document (PDF): "Flying Pancakes!"


Combine Church uncompiled map (VMF - ZIP): CombineChurch_ErickReyes.vmf
Combine Church compiled map (BSP - ZIP): Combinechurch_erickreyes.bsp
Combine Church layout document (VSD): CombineChurch_ErickReyes.vsd


Introduction story (PDF): "Hartwell"
Intro cinematic script (PDF): "Hartwell"


Technical Design Document (PDF): "Play House!" Level Editor


Team Point System Spec (PDF): Team Point System Spec
Team Point System Simulation Document (PDF): Team Point System Simulation Document
Team Point System Simulation Excel Document (XLS): Team Point System Simulation
Team Point System Simulation Excel Document (ZIP): Team Point System Simulation ZIP

About me

My name is Erick F. Reyes and I am a
Game Designer & UI Software Engineer
residing in the Seattle area. I have
been professionally designing and
testing software & games since 2008
in companies such as Bungie, Flying Lab
Software, Concur and Microsoft.

In depth, I am a creative and visual
thinker with a deep tech background.
This allows me to visualize concepts
from the general to the tech-deep specific,
analyzing features from all angles.
This comes quite handy when dealing with
problems: figuring out how to create and
design software and features under certain
constraints, defining milestones and
schedules, finding/fixing bugs and code,
math, or any other problem using any
tools at hand.

In my spare time I love to play games,
drink wine, read books and play any
musical instrument within reach.

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A UI that copies Windows XP's UI?
Of course there are better UIs, but Windows'
is easily recognized. I chose to follow the
paradigm to get your attention.

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