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About me

My name is Erick F. Reyes and I am a Game Designer & UI software engineer residing in the Seattle area. I have been professionally designing and testing software and games since 2008 in several companies, including Concur, Bungie, Flying Lab Software and Microsoft.

In depth, I am a creative and visual thinker with a deep tech background. This allows me to visualize concepts from the general to the tech-deep specific, analyzing features from all angles. This comes quite handy when dealing with problems: figuring out how to create and design software and features under certain constraints, defining milestones and schedules, finding/fixing bugs and code, math, or any other problem using any tools at hand.

In my spare time I love to play games, drink wine, read books and play any musical instrument within reach.

Erick F. Reyes
phone: 206.407.3029
mobile: 425.463.8489

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A UI that copies Windows' UI?
Of course there are better UIs, but Windows is easily recognized. I chose to follow the paradigm to get your attention.